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“A comprehensive financial plan involves consideration of all of the aspects of our clients' financial lives”

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Investment Advisory and Portfolio Management

Providing financial security for clients is the primary focus of the Firm’s investment activities. Whether the goal is to build wealth for future retirement, accumulate funds to pay for college tuitions, ensure that life in retirement is comfortable, or to pay for other large expenses as clients meander down life’s many pathways, our Firm develops the plan and then tracks the results to ensure goals are being obtained. We make sure that portfolios are in line with our clients’ ability to tolerate risk in the financial markets. In the new world of globally interconnected economies and with the multitude of investment options it has become extremely complicated to build an investment portfolio. Our clients rely on our experience, knowledge and continuous desire to stay educated and current on world events which impact the investment markets. We take the emotion out of investing and ensure decisions are logical and based on client needs.

Strategic Financial Alliance LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser firm, registered with the Massachusetts Division of Securities. Investment services are provided on a fee only basis with no revenue earned from commissions for the sale of financial and investment products, resulting in our ability to be completely independent related to investment choices.

Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan involves consideration of all of the aspects of our clients’ financial lives: wealth building, cash flow management, tax planning, risk reduction through insurance (life, disability, liability), estate planning. The Plan provides the direction and the action to take to reach financial and life goals. As with most all aspects of life, a thoughtful, planned approach will generally create a better outcome.

Business and Cash Flow Management

In both our business and personal lives, fluid cash flow is critical to functioning successfully. One of the most significant stressors in life is dealing with cash flow problems. We work with clients to help determine the root problems creating cash flow concerns and develop plans and techniques to better control the elements causing the issues.

Tax Planning and Compliance

Taxation is an element of life that is critical to enabling a functioning government and an orderly society. Regardless of your political beliefs, taxation at some level will never cease to exist. Most financial decisions for businesses and individuals are impacted by consideration for taxes. Strategies to reduce the impact of taxation are often of significant importance to our clients. They look to our knowledge and experience to ensure that they are taking advantage of all legal opportunities to reduce the tax bite, and keep them in compliance with the ever changing quagmire of tax legislation; to create piece of mind.